West Texas Junior Champions Tour

Awards & Scholarships

WTJCT members will have the opportunity to compete for the following awards and scholarships. On top of the chance to qualify for awards, players have the chance to earn points and earn a spot in the WTJCT Tour Championship.



At all regular season events, we award medals/trophies to the top 3 finishers in each age division.

For the Tour Championship, the amount of trophies awarded will be based on the number of participants in the field.

10 or less participants: Top 3 Places Awarded
11 or more participants: Top 5 Places Awarded



Players who compete in any event noted for the current season will receive points based on their finish. Points are accumulated for the season and will determine invitations for the WTJCT Tour Championship along with the Season End Points Awards.


WTJCT Point System

1st Place 20 Points
2nd Place 15 Points
3rd Place 10 Points
4th Place 8 Points
5th place 7 Points
6th - 10th Place 6 Points
11th - 15th Place 5 Points
16th - 20th Place 4 Points
21st - 25th Place 3 Points
26th - 30th 2 Points
31st and Beyond 1 Point















 A 2 day, 36 hole stroke play competition (18 hole stroke play competition for ages 12 and under) that changes venues each year to highlight different parts of central/west Texas that support and promote junior golf. The Tour Championship is usually kicked off the day before with registration, pairings party, fun events and practice rounds. The WTJCT Season End Banquet is always held the evening after the first round of competition.

Invitation Criteria:

The WTJCT Tour Championship is invitation only. Players have 2 ways to earn an invite:

1. Battlefield Exemption: Win 3 or more events in the current season

- The three wins must be done in the same age division (wins do not carry over to a new division, in the case of a player moving up or declaring up.

2. Finish high enough in the Point Standings (see below for details)

  • If an age division has 10 or less players, the Top 5 players in the Point Standings will receive an invite
  • If an age division has 11-25 players, the Top 10 players in the Point Standings will receive an invite
  • If an age division as 26-39 players, the Top 15 players in the Point Standings will receive an invite
  • For any age division that has 40+ players in the Point Standings, the top 20 players in the Point Standings will receive an invite

Invitation Guidelines:

  1. Once a player receives an invite, they have a set deadline to accept their invite. If the player does not accept the invitation before the deadline, it will be considered a decline and their spot will no longer be available.
  2. For any denials or no responses on invites, we will only move down the list up to 2 more spots past the original number of invites (subject to change based on number of participants)
  3. Players that win 3 or more events will be excluded from the Point Standings when determining the top spots for invites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When do you start sending out invites for the Tour Championship? The first round of invitations are always sent the last week of June/first week of July of the current season. Invites will continue to be distributed until the final deadline, which is usually 1 week before the Tour Championship.
  2. How do you know what round of invitations you will be part of? The WTJCT will post an invite timeline by end of June. This timeline will show which part of the rankings will be receiving an invite and when.
  3. What happens if I forgot to register before my deadline listed on my invite? We will only hold that spot up until a noted deadline and then we will move down to the next person on the standings list. There is no guarantee there will still be a held spot for you if you wait until the last minute to register.



Most Points
Awarded to the player who wins the Points Race for their age division by the end of the regular summer season.

- Most Wins
Awarded to the player(s) who have the most wins by the end of the season in their age division.

- Lowest Stroke Average
Awarded to the player with the lowest stroke average by the end of the season in their age division. Player must have a minimum of 5 total rounds (not 5 total events) in order to qualify for this award.

- Playoff Warrior Award
Awarded to the player(s) that was in multiple sudden death playoffs throughout the season. 

- Sportsmanship Award
Awarded to the players who have represented the meaning of true sportsmanship throughout the year. The WTJCT defines this award as:

1) a player who displayed proper conduct, fairness and comradery to every opponent

2) respect to their fellow players, parents, spectators, officials and the game of golf

This award is voted on by players and officials on the WTJCT. To submit a nominee for the WTJCT Sportsmanship Award, please click the link below.

Sportsmanship Nominee Ballot

- Male and Female Player of the Year
This award is presented to one 15-18 Girl and one 15-18 Boy. The winner of each will have their picture posted on the WTJCT Website banner the following year.

Qualifying Criteria: Must be a current WTJCT member and player must play in a minimum of 5 WTJCT events in the current season.

Criteria Considerations: Stroke average, wins, strength of field, head to head competition and sportsmanship. The committee will also take into consideration the difficulty of golf courses and the golf course conditions that were played for each player.



Will Long Memorial Scholarship
Established 2004


Deadline for the Will Long Memorial Scholarship: Friday, July 1, 2022 11:59pm


Embre & Garrett Smith Scholarship, in Memory of Jack Bob Smith
Established 2017


Deadline for the Embre and Garrett Smith Scholarship: Friday, July 1, 2022, 11:59 pm



The Season Awards and Scholarships will all be presented at the Tour Championship Season End Banquet/party. The event is always held the evening after the first round of play. Scholarship applicants do not have to be present to win.