West Texas Junior Champions Tour

About Us

About Us

The West Texas Junior Champions Tour is a golf tour based in the central/west Texas area offering competitive, all-level golf tournaments for junior golfers ages 6-18 and collegiate players ages 18-24. Experiences range from beginner to advanced, with opportunities for players to learn and experience tournament golf at a local level.

Founded in 1999 by Steve and Tonda Alexander, the goal was to provide more outlets for junior golfers to play throughout the summer months in west Texas at an affordable rate. After 25 years in season, the tour has had an event at almost every single golf course in the central/west Texas region. Localized around the San Angelo and Abilene, Texas area, we have seen junior golf participation grow in outstanding numbers for the last 20 years. We have had over 140 WTJCT alumni continue to play golf in college, and we have awarded over $25,000 in scholarships to graduated seniors. On top of providing accessible events, the tour is the most affordable junior golf tour in the state of Texas.

A family rooted organization, with the goal of giving every junior golfer the opportunity to grow as a player and a person. We hope to see you on the links with us!


What to Expect when Playing with Us

  • Competition across the board with 8 different junior age groups and two collegiate divisions
  • Single and multi day events, mostly set up in the summer months
  • Approachable, friendly and accommodating tournament staff and officials
  • Events governed by the USGA Rules of Golf
  • A family atmosphere with a competitive edge


How to Get Started

1. Check out more details about the tour and how to get started here

2. Become a Member for the current season

3. Read up on our Tour Policies and Procedures

4. Start registering for events on our Schedule


The Founders Steve & Tonda Alexander

As a former golf professional in the industry, Steve saw a need to provide more opportunities for junior golfers in west Texas to play competitively over the summer months. With this motivation, Steve and Tonda created a new junior golf tour, with the goal to never turn away a player and provide a friendly, competitive atmosphere in all parts of west and central Texas. Unlike many organizations, they had an open "Walk Up" policy (allowing players who did not pre-register to show up the day of the event and still play) and extremely low entry fees. 24 years later, all of this still holds true. Steve and Tonda may not be actively running events now a days, but their concept of providing a competitive and family friendly environment for junior golfers has held strong. 


The Owners Chandra & Brandon Hall

Chandra is the daughter of Steve and Tonda and has been working events for the tour since 2005. Brandon, a former player of the tour as well, started assisting in 2012. With years of experience operating events, along with a combined knowledge of playing and the golf business, the tour has become a passion for the both of them. After taking over ownership in 2020, the goal has stayed the same - continue providing affordable, fun and competitive golf events for juniors of all ages and talent levels.